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    Mapi Tablet Cases

    Based in Istanbul Turkey, Mapi Cases tablet cases operate as a manufacturer and supplier of premium high-quality genuine leather cases for electronic mobile devices. In addition to developing functional and protective products, the company creates handmade cases that are classy, elegant and fashionably stylish. With the motto "Discover Mobile Fashion", Mapi Cases hopes you do just this by checking out their line of impressive leather tablet cases that are designed for some of most the most popular tablet PC brands.

    [h=1]Mapi Cases Kolossa 10" Tablet Leather Folio[/h] Price: $149.95
    Rating: 4.3/5
    Style: Folio
    Tablet:10" Tablet


    [h=1]Mapi Cases 10" Tablet Leather Case with Handles[/h]
    Price: $144.95
    Rating: 3.7/5
    Style: Cases with handles
    Tablet:10" Tablet


    [h=1]Mapi Cases 10" Tablet Leather Stand Case[/h]
    Price: $94.95
    Rating: 3.6/5
    Style: Stand
    Tablet: 10" Tablet


    Shipping: Worldwide

    To check the detailed ratings & buy the case online please visit the Mapi Tablet Cases at

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