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    Recently had a system app disappear, and its affecting my performance

    Have Acer A500 tablet. It's the app that I think; s called Media Storage or maybe Storage. It usually sat close on the apps list to Media Server.

    It is that app that by clearing the cache, you could reset your gallery thumbnails. I was doing just that, and I believe I might have disabled it accidentally.

    I am not using Gallery any more. QuickPic is working fine. But I think Media Store's missing is affecting my downloads. Now when I either download from web-clicking, or via the Google Play, it seems to stall for a long time, and gives no indication of downloading. Download Manager sows it downloading, but no tray icon for a long time. Ultimately things do seem to download and tray shows success icon. But the hang-up is for 10 minutes or so.

    I cannot find that "Media Store" now anywhere . You would thing if there was a "disable", that you would then be able to "re-enable". Otherwise its like it was un-installed.

    Anyhow, hints on how to re-activate?

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