MID7022 Orientation sensor too sensitive

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2' started by angelostudios, Dec 29, 2011.

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    We bought the MID7022 for our tweens and we were able to install the market, root (using superoneclick - super easy!), and apply the LCD density (160) so that they could play all the silly games kids play on tablets. However, we're finding that the screen orientation is really sensitive and annoying. Just a slight tilt and it flips upside down, or into landscape. It's been the cause of a few tears (tween girls! LOL) and lots of google searches. It seems that it just rotates way to easily!

    Anyone know how we can fix this issue so it's not so crazy sensitive? I haven't found a hack or app in my searching, so if it was discussed I'd love a link to help out!


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