Momo11 variants - Bird, Bird II, Speed, II, Extreme, etc...

Discussion in 'Ployer Momo Tablets' started by intracube, Dec 9, 2012.

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    I'm confused by the different Momo11 models out there. Ployer doesn't have product codes on their sites, sellers often use slightly different names for the tablets and in some cases there are variants of a particular model.

    Here's some product names I've seen. Can someone explain the key differences (particlarly regarding screen, CPU and GPU):
    - "Momo11 Bird"
    - "Momo11 Speed/Bird II" (the same?!)
    - "Momo11 Dual Core"
    - "Momo11 II" (same as "Momo11 Dual Core"?)
    - "Momo11 Extreme"

    I know there were at least two versions of the Speed (earlier model had slightly brigher screen but worse viewing angles, later version had a black strip across back, better screen and improved Wifi).

    I'd almost settled on the Momo11 Speed (v2), but then a lot of suppliers bumped the price up from £135 to £170 - so I think I've missed the boat on that one... What are the nearest alternatives to the Speed? Something with a 10 inch (or so) IPS screen and decent graphics performance. I'm not bothered about Retina/HD displays - 1024x768 would be fine.

    Thanks :)

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