More 'In The Wild' Shots of the Galaxy Note 8 Arrive; Leave Mr. Blurrycam at Home

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    Or most recent stories sharing leaked pics of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet left something to be desired. Luckily, for today's newest leaked photos, Mr. Blurrycam stayed at home. These new shots also show the S Pen in tow for the device. In the second shot we can see the tab compared to a Galaxy Note II phablet. As people have noted in the forums, you can see a phone speaker on this device, and from the intel we are receiving you can indeed use this device as a phone. In fact, the camera for the device is even situated in portrait-mode, which is like a phone, not a tablet.


    Realistically speaking, it was likely designed to be a video-chat device. (It also makes things handy if someone calls you while you are already on your tablet... you don't have to pick up a different device.) Beyond the obvious use as a video chat device, I can envision someone using this as a "back-up phone" if for some reason their phone is lost or damaged. It would be hilarious to see someone using this as their primary phone!

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