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Discussion in 'Augen Gentouch' started by TikPandora, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Hello Android Tablet community, I am TikPandora!

    The Gentouch is not my first tablet, but it is definitely the first one I will be keeping.

    Over the past few months, I have tried a Coby Kyros MID7012, An Archos 32, and a Sylvania mini tablet. They have ranged from $99 to $140. I have not really liked any of them so far.

    I decided that I would give the whole tablet thing one more go and purchased a refurbished Gentouch for $79 including shipping. It is the second edition.

    Considering I only paid $79 for this tablet...I had extremely low expectations. The screen is of rather low quality, and it is quite slow...but all I really wanted this for was to take notes on, and browse the web. It does both of those quite well.

    There is a noticeable amount of dust in the center of the screen, but like i said, it was only $79.

    I actually like the tablet. Even though it is not very fast, and has dust in the will definitely work for what I want it to do.
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    the gentouch as you say isnt top of the line by any means.ive owned one,and used it everyday for that i got a moto xoom i have sold the augen.i can add this the new owner loves it,and uses it everyday.
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    While I do have a Xoom, I still have my Augen, and actually dug it up a week or so ago to do some development testing on it. It doesn't compare to the Xoom, but for the size and the price, and a custom rom, it holds its own :)

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