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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by Fraser_CA, Aug 20, 2011.

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    Greetings everyone, I was hoping I could get some recommendations on which android tablet to buy. Here's my situation:

    The primary purpose of the tablet will be taking notes during meetings. I'd like something that is really easy to write on with a stylus...I'm assuming there are apps out there that will convert what you write with a stylus in to text and then save as a doc? I may want to get a portable keyboard and take notes using that at times, but sometimes I'll just want to write with the stylus. Most of the time I'll just want to be able to transfer the file via a USB cable to my desktop computer.

    Beyond that, I'd like it to have at least a reasonably quick browser. Extra pluses for reliability/durability, and a long battery life.

    I'm kind of looking for a budget option, something around $300 or less if it's feasible. But I don't want to go so cheap that all I can find is something likely to break in a year. So if I have to go over that price point to find sufficient quality, I might be able to do that.

    So in sum, looking for the following:

    Something that works well for writing notes with a stylus
    Something that has at least one USB port
    Decent battery life
    Decent quality
    ~$300 or less, ideally

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.
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    Just a quick note. If you are going to do any long-term data entry, an external keyboard is a necessity. In the world of keyboards, I started with a USB and then moved to a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse. I have settled on the Acer keyboard and a Microsoft A500 Bluetooth mouse. As far as the tablet, buy what you can afford. Cheaper is far from better and the more it is to be used, the higher quality you will need.
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