New Features Coming in Gmail Update: Pinch-to-Zoom and More

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    If you have been one of those folks scratching your head as to why pinch-to-zoom doesn't work in Gmail, and were hoping for the feature to eventually show up, then today's news might please you. Apparently the new Gmail update that will come with Android 4.2 will include several new features, including pinch-to-zoom. Apparently, there's a whole lot more to the new mobile version of Gmail than just that, however. Here's a quick breakdown of just some of the new features:
    The kind folks at AndroidPolice shared this story as well as a downloadable APK file for everyone to try it out. We included a download mirror below, but feel free to hit up their story at the source link below for more details and more download links. Above is a video demo of the new features.

    Download: New and Unreleased Android 4.2 Gmail APK File

    Source: AndroidPolice
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    I've been wanting both of the top two bullets for a while now.

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