New SIO2 Game Engine with FULL Android Support

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    We just release a new version of SIO2 Game Engine! One of the main key feature of this new release is a FULL port of the engine to the Android platform. You can now use all SIO2 API via the NDK and use Eclipse to build your own 2D or 3D Games and publish them onto the Android Market!


    SIO2 Android Game Engine provides you all modern game engine functionalities built-in right at its core and uses existing industry proven development and content creation tools, to allow you to easily create and port your games across mobile platforms.

    Feature rich, extremely fast and flexible, the SIO2 Android Game Engine now allows you to create optimized state of the art AAA games for your favorite mobile platform using either pure C/C++ or LUA, and provide you lighting fast 2D and 3D graphics performance.

    Want to give it a try? Visit to download the SDK.


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