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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by lilgreeneyez, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Craig 7 inch Touchscreen Tablet Model # cmp738b
    Hello everyone,
    I just purchased my tablet on November5th. So I'm new to them. I have a Craig 7 inch Touchscreen Tablet Powered by Android 2.2 Model cmp738b. I am familiar with Android. Here are my questions.

    I wanted to put music on my tablet from my computer, so I hooked the tablet up with the usb cord. It's not showing up under my devices. I have windows vista. I also tried to hook up the tablet to Windows XP and Windows 7 and both of those systems recognized my system. So my question is..Is there somewhere else my device is listed on vista or is there a way to get my pc ro recognize the tablet?

    There are apps on the tablet that I don't want such as Twitter. I know that I go into applications > manage applications. But when I go into the particular app options screen the Uninstall is blurred out. How do I install apps? Am I doing something wrong?

    Is there a way to move apps and customize the home screen?
    If I go to a blank screen I can add an app and use my finger to drag it into the trash can. But if I try to do that on the homepage all it does is move the screen.

    This tablet has facebook on it. when I go on, it says there is an update for it, but when I try to press download nothing happens. So is it even possible to update facebook with out the actual android market. The market I have is called Slide.

    I hope that I have not asked too many questions at once. Thanks in advance for any help that is given to me.

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    e, For the first one, you need install drive for your Android tablet, maybe it isAuto-Completed in Vista system.

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