Nook color LCD digitizer repair/replaceng - help?

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    Nook colors - collecting parts
    the other day i bought on ebay what I thought was a good bargain - nook color front panels for $6 each

    so i bought 3 of these panels with the understanding that they didn't work because the digitizer was broken, and since the glass is intact, I was researching ways to separate the non-working digitizer from the LCD part of these screens, and once source said to bake the assembly in a kitchen oven, bake at 280 °C and use a very thin pry tool to separate the LCD part of the assembly from the digitizer part, this told me the lcd is glued to the digitizer, and since i have a 12 temperature settings digital heat gun (Wagner brand from Home Depot), it's 1500 watts/5100 BTU's, and can go from temp setting of 250 °F to 1350 °F, and from my bit of googling, I also found that the LCD's are more pricey than replacement digitizers, but again, I'm not sure if I got a good bargain.

    that said, what do you guys think of my purchase/research, etc?

    now I have questions:

    can I use my new heat gun instead of the kitchen oven to melt the glue holding the broken digitizers to the inside of these NC front panels I bought?

    do you guys think I got a good bargain (3 LCD screens once LCD's are separated from the digitizers)?

    since I did conversion of heating temp of 280 °C to x°F, I got a temp of 536 °F, I'd have to have my heat gun set to 536 °F, but the gun has as its setting ranges: is lowest temp 250 °F, high 350 °F, the next low/high temp settings are low 450 °F, high 550 °F, and the rest of the settings (low/high) go even higher with the next low temp setting as 650 °F and up, so how am I supposed to do this when I use this gun of these nook color LCD assemblies to melt the glue - what temp should I put it on?

    how long should I wave the gun's heat at the LCD assembly?

    what sort of motion should I wave the gun in - circular motion or left/right, or top/bottom?

    do I need a special timer - (I have a pocket watch with a second sweep hand)?

    I also have ipod/ipad pry tools (plastic spudger, guitar pick like tools, one smaller, one larger, a metal pry tool with narrow rounded blade at one end and pointy blade at opposite end) - which tool should I use to separate the glass LCD from the digitizer after using the heat gun to loosen the adhesive?

    do you guys think this heat gun was a good investment (I also plan to use it to reflow the ball grid arrays of laptop video chips in future)?

    thanks in advance.

    EDIT - these are the ipod/ipad tool kit I have

    my ipod/ipad tool kit
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