NVIDIA Demos Tegra Note 7 Tab in a Couple of Videos

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    Above and below we have a couple of cool videos for NVIDIA's Tegra Note 7 Android tab. The new Tegra 4-equipped tablet just went into retail stores recently and is designed to showcase the incredible power of the Tegra 4. It's an amazing bonus that it sells in the $200 dollar range, especially considering all of the features and power.

    This device stands out not just because of its internal power though. It also comes with a slew of interesting features. For example, NVIDIA claims the Tegra Note tablets have superior audio with the “widest frequency range in a tablet”. Apparently, the camera is very impressive too. NVIDIA shares that the camera in the tablet s impressive too and includes the “world’s first mobile computational photography architecture.” This supposedly enables special effects including Tap-to-Track automatic tracking.

    Finally, in one of the videos we have included, you get to see the DirectStylus demoed on the device. It's a passive stylus technology that NVIDIA bills as equal to an active stylus despite being cheaper to make. It can supposedly detect pressure levels and even the shape of the stylus tip. This is meant to give you a more creative real-world like experience.

    With this device on the market, both Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire HD will have a serious new competitor.
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