NVIDIA Renames Their Tegra 3 Architecture to 4-Plus-1

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    NVIDIA wants to make sure that consumers get the full skinny on their new Tegra 3 chip's architecture. Sometime last year we did an article sharing that the Tegra 3 is actually a 5 core chip, rather than just a quad-core chip. It has 4 primary cores for running intensive calculations, but also has a 5th "shadow-core" (which has also been called the "ninja-core" by NVIDIA). This 5th core is designed to handle easy to calculate and mundane tasks to free up battery life and improve over-all efficiency. Previously, their in-house name for this architecture was "Variable Symmetrical Multiprocessing", but that is rather a mouth-full to share as marketing speak. So, to make things easier, they came up with the simple alias, 4-PLUS-1.

    That makes sense, and thanks for clarifying things, NVIDIA. Now our lives have been improved by this ground-breaking and earth-shattering news. ;) (I couldn't resist a little sarcasm, but it's still interesting and appreciated news.) here is a quote from NVIDIA's press post:

    If it can help improve battery life, then this is going to be a great product, regardless of what you call it!

    Source: NVIDIA

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