NVIDIA Shakes Up CES with New Project Shield Handheld Android Gaming Console

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    Just this morning, NVIDIA shared their new Tegra 4 mobile powerhouse chip at CES, and although this is a very exciting new development, it was not unexpected. In fact, we new (and shared) that it was coming out at CES several weeks ago. However, NVIDIA wasn't done sharing new tech. In fact, the second bit of news they shared turned out to be a huge bombshell.

    Apparently, NVIDIA has been developing a new product called Project Shield that is a new Android-based handheld portable gaming console. This new portable gaming device includes a console-style controller with built-in speakers, a 5-inch flipping display powered by the new Tegra 4 processor, and can actually stream games to your HDTV wirelessly.

    Additionally, it will come stock with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and supposedly provide up to 38 hours of gaming before needing to recharge the batteries. Lastly, the device goes a step further than that, and can actually be used to stream your PC games (provided they match certain specs) wirelessly to your HDTV, and this is all done through your PC's Steam account.

    What can we say about this, but WOW?!? Here's a video and a press release with some more details,

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