NVIDIA Shield Tablet LTE Finally Gets Marshmallow

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    Owners of the LTE version of the NVIDIA Shield Android tablet might be pleased to know that their device will soon have a tasty and fluffy, white treat on it. Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow has started pushing out to that version of the device. The NVIDIA Shield K1 and the WiFi version already received the update, so it's good to see that NVIDIA finally finished up with Marshmallow for all of their Shield tablet devices.

    Here's a breakdown of some of the highlighted features included in this update:
    • Updated Emojis
    • Better button layout in landscape mode
    • Fixed compass issues
    • Shifted Lasso Capture icons
    • Fixed Gamepad mapper issues
    • Fixed SD card app issues
    • Android Doze support
    • Doom 3 HDMI-out fix
    • USB MIDI support
    • Do Not Disturb Until Next Alarm
    • Various performance and functionality fixes
    The LTE Shield Tablet now also includes full support for NVIDIA's own Vulkan Graphics API, which is their latest 3D computing API designed to enhance your gaming experience. Even if you don't like real life Marshmallows, this is one Marshmallow it's easy to enjoy!

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