Play Music Through A SubZero Speaker

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Audio' started by Setts, Jan 20, 2018.

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    How do I connect my Samsung tablet to a speaker using a cable so as to play the music? It's not a bluetooth speaker it's a SubZero speaker ? I have an aux to usb cable and it also has the little squarish shaped re-charging adapter on the same cable but neither of them work: the tablet thinks that I have plugged ear-phones into the aux socket but I have plugged it into my speaker.
    I don't want to plug it into the input socket because I want to plug my electric violin into that through a lead so I want to keep that socket free if possible.
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    The USB connection isn't intended for streaming audio, thus I believe your only option is to use a 3.5mm to RCA patch cable and use the AUX inputs. But a picture of the ports on the back of the speaker might be useful here, as there may be alternatives that we can't consider right now due to lack of information.

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