Please help me identify my tablet

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    As I have stated in my introduction here, I got this tablet from a friend without manual and cd installer.

    The box says its a MID
    7" screen
    LED color is Green
    Vibrates on Start-up
    Ports/interfaces are black

    model: generic
    ram: 256MB
    kernel: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
    firmware: 1.6
    build: WMT2.1_88

    Internal Device Storage
    Total Space: 2GB
    System Space - Total Space: 1GB
    LocalDisk :Total Space: 1.07GB

    1. Please help me identify the name/model/brand of this table.

    2. Also, I am planning to reformat this tablet since it is very slow and I don't know what the previous owner has done with it. Please show me how I can reformat this.

    3. After reformatting, I would like to re-install the good things this tablet can offer. What are the apps/softwares that I can install on this baby and where can I find/download them?

    I will soon upload a picture or two of my tablet after I got my card reader working again. ^_^;

    Hoping for some benevolent souls to help me. Thanks.

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