Problems with turning on USB storage

Discussion in 'Leader International Tablets' started by webaddict, Feb 3, 2012.

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    I have an Impression 10-50, and having issues when trying to turn on the USB storage mode. I emailed the corporation, they said to do a factory reset (press & hold the power & camea buttons), but that didntt fix it. Is anybody experiencing the same thing and found the fix?

    To reproduce:
    - turn on tablet, and unmount sd card
    - connect tablet to computer via usb
    - turn on usb storage mode on tablet
    - keeps hanging, as though the sd card is not there

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    I don't have anything constructive to offer BUT going on the first line "- turn on tablet, and unmount sd card" you have removed the sd card? therefore "- keeps hanging, as though the sd card is not there" makes sense IF you have removed it.

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