Processor speed or Bluetooth

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What would you choose?

  1. processor performance

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  2. Bluetooth support

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    Hi, I'm trying to decide between Ainol Novo 10 Hero with dual core processor and Bluetooth VS Ainol Novo 10 Hero II with quad core processor but without Bluetooth Basically is will be used as a "toy" for the kids and eventually for the adults to stream to music and videos and etc.

    We don't have any Bluetooth devices at the moment so Ainol Novo 10 Hero II kinda seems to be the option but at the same time we probably would not notice the difference between dual and quad core for the application we'll be going for, meaning Ainol Novo 10 Hero with Bluetooth could be the option if we want to be future ready...

    I understand the way I'm putting it makes it hard to decide, but from your personal experiences, which way would you go?

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