[Review] Android Cruz T301

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Reviews' started by LapisKS, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Cruz T301
    It's bad don't buy it.


    -Slow as hell!
    -Randomly crashed
    -Randomly freezes, stops video and audio starts freezing too, recovery is pushing the reset button
    -Default browser has google for home page, and it can't load google or it will crash.
    For my tablet, it's completely useless for web browsing since it crashes before I can go to settings, and won't stop loading if I tap X.
    -Battery usage meter is messed up
    -Can't use regular charger, have to use USB since the one they gave us STOPPED WORKING
    -Can't install most apps, absolutely no free apps

    If you ever see this brand, get around it and don't waste your time/money.

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