Rockchip 3066 versus A31

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    Alright. So it would seem such an easy question is absurdly difficult to answer (or once again despite nearly two decades on the internet I'm failing in my searches once again). I simply want to know how the 3066 compares to the A31 in terms of general CPU performance and also in GPU performance. I am looking to purchase a new budget tablet and I've narrowed it down to a few different choices - all of which utilize either a 3066 or an A31. Gaming is important to me, but not the be-all-end-all. Benchmarks have been absurdly difficult to find, and I don't trust the scores I've managed to find as they are quite variable. Anyone who knows what they are talking about, please tell me how these two CPUs and their corresponding GPUs compare. The Tabs with 3066 actually run a few dollars more, even though my understanding is that these chips run older architecture. Insight is appreciated.

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