Root many of your Chinese Androids using NO ROM image! (Using PC)

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    7" inch LélikTec® A13 Capacitive Touch Screen Allwinner
    Hi everyone!

    This post is the culmination of several days searching online on how to root my 7" inch LélikTec® A13 Capacitive Touch Screen Allwinner 1.0GHz CPU Android 4.1.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich OS) Tablet PC.
    £50 here.... there's many many like it online, all generic: 7" inch LélikTec® A13 Capacitive Touch Screen Allwinner 1.0GHz CPU (up to 1.5GHz maximum) Processor Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich OS) Tablet PC 4GB HDD 512MB WiFi MID Epad PREINSTALLED UK Apps- BBC Iplayer, Flash Player 11.1, Youtube, Facebook, G

    I asked around on Reddit, and other Forums, and looked up previous answers - and a lot of people thought that you need a ROM image to root your tablet, and because these generic Chinese tablets are not "mainstream", it's unlikely that anyone would have edited the ROM image for a particular one.

    Fortunately they are wrong.

    What I could ascertain was that the ROM images were for phones, so that the operators couldn't push phone updates that would reset your rooting of the device. (Not 100% confirmed)

    Rooting itself could be achieved by writing a specially crafted program that tricks the Android into giving you root, alternatively a "backup profile" is placed on your phone, and you "restore" a root account! Sneeky.

    Either way - rooting a slab (Tablet PC) doesn't require a ROM image. WOOT!

    The first step to getting your "generic Chinese slab" rooted, is visit this page, and download the latest "Root with Restore" by Bin4ry.
    His post gives full details of how you run the root program on your PC, which talks your slab into becoming rooted:

    Root MANY ANDROID! [Upd: 20.04.2013] - xda-developers

    It worked perfectly on my slab, BUT when I rebooted (x 5 to make sure!) - I no longer had any app's or widgets on my home screen.
    But it was a simple matter of touching the button in the top right of the screen, and selecting the apps and widgets I wanted to appear.

    There was ONE icon I couldn't find though - the Google Play store icon!
    I could get to it from a link in the browser, where "Visit this link via google store or browser?" would appear when I surfed to Google Play pages... which did ok, but I wanted my icon BACK!

    I looked around, and discovered that if you install the old version of Google Play from this page below, it re-creates the "Google Play" icon in your list of installed software icons (the top right button on the home page), and you can then drop it back on to your home page, and you're back to normal!
    Download Google Play Store APK (The Rebranded Android Market) Now!

    I hope these instructions help some Chinese slab owners out, who have been told that it's impossible to root generic Chinese slabs....

    Thanks Bin4ry! You're my hero!

    Here are the two links to the files, only use these IF THE WEB PAGES go down... Bin4ry is always adding updates, and downloading files from strangers isn't recommended.

    This is the root software by Bin4ry - ONLY use this if the site link doesn't work.

    This link contains the APK file that installs the old Google Play app, which add's back the Play icon, and updates itself back to the current Google Play version! Phew!
    ONLY use this if the site link doesn't work.

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