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    MID 702 Google Android 2.2 7’ Touchscreen Tablet PC

    I just purchased a MID 702 Google Android 2.2 7’ Touchscreen Tablet PC on eBay. (For specs, go here: New MID 702 Google Android 2.2 7 )It was an impulsive purchase and I didn't take the time to research. I want it mainly to use as an e-reader, but would also like to use it to check facebook, email, play games and possibly skype. I thought it would be nice to use while my husband watches sports on TV all night :). I haven't received it yet but I've been reading online a lot about people not being able to get online. I have a Netgear WGR614v6 router for my son's laptop and roadrunner internet service. Should I consider a different router? I am seriously technically challenged so please speak in layman's terms :D. Thank you
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