[Rumor] First Amazon Android Tablet will Not Be Full Android; Next Amazon Kindle

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    For now, we are treating this story as a bit "suspect" and tagging it as an unconfirmed rumor, but according to a blogger over at TechCrunch.com, the very first Amazon Android Tablet, will only be an Android in it's back-end functionality.

    Supposedly, the blogger, MG Siegler, was given access to Amazon's Android device. He indicated that the device will simply be the next Amazon Kindle, and will be a 7-Inch tablet with a software back-end built on an old version of Android. He further elaborated that there will not be any actual hint of Android visible to users, and that a complete Amazon Kindle overlay UI obscures the Android OS underneath. In fact, he made mention that Amazon is not working with Google on this device at all. Additionally, this first tablet will simply be Amazon's "test subject" to see if they can break into the market. If it does well, then they plan on bringing the previously mentioned 10-inch device. Here are the features of the device as detailed by the blogger:
    • 7-inch Screen - Capacitive two-finger multi-touch full-color back-lit screen (no e-ink)
    • Older version of Android (probably pre-2.2)
    • The interface is purely Amazon and Kindle - black, dark blue, and a bunch of orange - Carousel Design
    • No physical buttons on the surface of the device
    • Amazon’s content store one click access
    • The book reader is a Kindle app (which looks similar to how it does on Android and iOS now) - No Google Apps to be found anywhere
    • The music player is Amazon’s Cloud Player
    • The movie player is Amazon’s Instant Video player
    • The app store is Amazon’s Android Appstore - No Android Market
    • Web browser - styled a bit to match the Kindle UI - similar look to the Android’s WebKit browser
    • 6GB Internal Storage
    • Wi-Fi Enabled - Maybe 3G later
    • No Camera
    The blogger was also able to give pricing details on the device. He indicated that the tablet/Kindle will sell for $250 USD.

    This makes it very competitive if this report turns out to be accurate, yet the device still seems lacking for the typical tablet user. However, keep in mind that if this report turns out to be true, this device will be aimed at a completely different market than most tablet users. More than likely, this device will be squarely targeted as a high-end Kindle e-reader device. While this report could be disappointing to some if it turns out to be true, in some ways it would still be a good thing for consumers in the long run. Every uber-tech gadget needs a "killer-app/reason" to appeal to the mass market consumer, and this device could fit that bill exactly. This device could be what finally makes tablet technology go "mainstream."

    Thanks to our Tipster, gadgetrants!

    Source: Amazon-Tablets.com via TechCrunch
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