Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Now Available For Pre-Order At Best Buy!

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    As I said yesterday, today is the day for the Galaxy tab release at best buy in New York. Available at all best buy's for pre-order. Sure there will be lots of news hitting on this one in the next few days.. The hot thing I like about this one, is the form set. Thin and Lite coming in at just 1.25 pounds.. The main thing that I'll be looking for as the markets really start to explode as the year moves along. Will be how the larger company's try and lock in there media markets.. Samsung has what they call the Media Hub pre loaded on there machines. How easy is it to get around this and load your own choice?

    See the two media story links posted below. One on the release starting today and one on Samsungs Media Hub for more on that.. Feel free to post comments and more on this thread, help follow along with this one if you like.. More the Merrier..;-)

    Mashable: Samsungs Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Samsungs Media Hub

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