Samsung Unveils Their 8-Core 'Octa-Chip' Exynos 5 at CES

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    So far this year, there have not been any huge or terribly exciting announcements at CES with a few exceptions (like NVIDIA's Tegra 4 and Project Shield). For the most part the products have been a small evolutionary step rather than a massive leap forward, although we are pretty impressed by how much evolution we have seen in the Huawei Ascend D2. However, coming down the pike this morning is a pretty impressive jump that comes directly from Samsung. They just announced their Exynos 5 "Octa-Chip" which is literally an eight-core mobile processor. Here's a quote with what we know so far:

    If you remember, previously we shared some intel regarding this new tech, and we even suggested it was likely to be launched at CES in 2013; however, even though it doesn't come as a surprise, it is still mightily impressive to see the big.LITTLE / Cortex A15 architecture finally come to light officially. We will keep watching this and update you with anymore details as they develop.

    Source: Engadget

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