Samsung's Full SuperBowl Commercial Plus Link to Extended Version & More

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    For those who missed "the big game" yesterday, Samsung had a new funny commercial that aired during the broadcast. Above is the full two minute clip. This one is an extension/reboot of the teaser they showed earlier, and is pretty funny. You get to see Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd (who are actually friends IRL), berate each other in comical fashion. There is also a cameo from a certain famous basketball player, but we won't spoil it for you.

    Also, there is actually a 4-Minute extended version of the same video (with some slight changes). Here's a link to check it out: Full 4-Minute Extended Version of the Samsung SuperBowl Commercial

    Finally, the folks over at Engadget put together a compilation of several more of the SuperBowl commercials. Here's a link: Super Bowl 2013 ads: Samsung, Best Buy, BlackBerry and... Zombies

    For the most part, the commercials were good, but not quite as fun as last year. Of course, that is purely subjective, so share your opinion in the thread.
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