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    Hello, my name is Rodrigo, I am Brazilian and I bought a Tablet (Telechips tcc8900) over the Internet,link the tablet, it was very good, but as it came installed android 2.1-Update1 with some errors that I did not like, so researched and found it right here and upgrade it to 2.3.1 android, however since the screen is all unconfigured - boot to the android, pictures attached below:
    Steps I used to upgrade to the Tablet:
    1 - pause at the boot screen tablet with the phrase "I love You", by pressing the power button and home;
    2 - I plugged in the tablet PC via USB;
    3 - Run FWDN_V7_v2.13 that came with the package I downloaded M701_2.3.rar here in the forum;
    4 - Insert files 2.3_4k.img, lk.rom begotten and the "NAND Data.fai" will lay the software;
    5 - I started the procedure and it appeared that everything happened correctly.

    Note: - The tablet never fell, no shower of light, the screen looked like this after the upgrade.
    - I've tried other packages but did not work.
    - The tablet functions are ok, the touch screen functions and the android, but with a bad image.
    - Sorry I'm English, I speak and write only in Portuguese, I'm using google to translate my text.
    - The manual states that it is a (7 "Touch Screen Mid - Midx Series)

    I do not know what to do if they can help me and thank you
    $IMG0179A.jpg $IMG0170A.jpg $IMG0171A.jpg $IMG0172A.jpg $IMG0169A.jpg

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