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    So I am in the process of field testing devices (Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy 10.1) that I cannot root but I need to get screenshots of how some of the apps look and feel for documentation. Since I know this has been a question for a lot of users, I thought I would post the process I am using. It does require that you have ADB properly installed and configured, but that is really it! This to-do assumes you have a vanilla install of the Android SDK installed.

    1. Make sure you have the proper USB drivers installed for your device.
    2. Connect your tablet via USB to your PC
    3. Go to where you have \android-sdk-windows\tools installed in Windows Explorer
    4. Locate the file: ddms.bat, double click it
    5. You should see a command window open, then another window open called the Dalvik Debug Monitor
    6. In the upper left quadrant, you should see your device, click on that
    7. type control-s

    That should give you a screen shot of whatever is on your tablet. I have tested this on both rooted and non-rooted devices, and hopefully gives pretty easy directions on doing this.


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