(SOLD) WITS A81E For Sale

Discussion in 'Witstech Tablets' started by MaxTcee, Dec 28, 2010.

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    sOUTH jERS
    Tablet / Device:
    aNDROID On hD2

    Brand new wits a81e for sale has 1208 firmware on it plus GPS

    Android 2.2 - The most advanced mobile operating system to date!

    Flash 10.1 - The latest version of Adobe Flash to play every media rich web content available! Youtube, etc

    Wi-Fi - Go online wherever you are, you can leave your laptop at home when going out!

    Bluetooth - Add keyboard to your tablet or even 3G modem to enjoy live web browsing outside Wi-Fi coverage!

    GPS - Use it with the excellent Google Maps or any other GPS software for navigation. There is no reason to get yourself a car GPS instead of the A81E!

    Im Asking $150 plus shipping in U.S only
    comes with case wall charger car charger and usb
    i have no use for it as i got the galaxy tab
    PM me if your interested
    will accept paypal only

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    May 21, 2011
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    I looking forward to buy this device. It is great little device, very little or no documentation but the internet has many forums to help. Screen is very nice indoors but very limited in a car. Flashing the device is simple, seems to work the best using a small card. Very simple to use.

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