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    So brilliantly vivid, you feel like you’re there

    Think about the sharpest, most vivid TV picture. Now imagine it on a tablet. Xperia Tablet Z delivers the kind of immersive viewing you’d normally only get with an HDTV. Created by the people behind BRAVIA® TVs, Xperia Tablet Z brings Sony’s expertise to an Android tablet. The brilliant 10.1” Reality Display is powered by Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2, which enhances the clarity and richness of every image. This HD tablet boasts the fullest colour display, too. For bluer blues, greener greens and seriously killer sunsets. With Xperia Tablet Z you meet a world so vivid, everything else pales in comparison.


    Heavy-duty features in an ultra-light package

    At just 6.9 mm and weighing under 500 grams, Xperia™ Tablet Z is beautifully light for a 10.1” tablet. But don’t let the feel of it fool you. This premium tablet may be slim and light, but it’s no lightweight!

    [​IMG]Minimal yet distinctive

    Sony OmniBalance design focuses on creating balance and symmetry in all directions. Xperia™ Tablet Z has subtly rounded edges and a smooth, reflective glass surface.

    [​IMG]Packed with heavy-weight power

    The latest Snapdragon™ S4 Pro asynchronous quad core processor gives you breathtaking speed and jaw-dropping graphics. Powerful computing, without lightning-speed battery drain.

    [​IMG]Water-resistant design

    This ultra-light Android tablet is water-resistant, with a super-strong glass display. Whether you’re surfing poolside or scrolling through a recipe with wet fingers, Xperia™ Tablet Z can take it.


    Connected entertainment like never before

    Xperia Tablet Z brings you more than a tablet experience. We’ve used our broad expertise in consumer electronics to design an Android tablet that’s ready for new levels of connection. Xperia Tablet Z can control other devices, share content between screens and act as the perfect companion to your TV experience. So you can change the channels on your TV while you tweet. Want to see your memories on the big screen? Choose a photo on your HD tablet, then share it to the TV with One-touch mirroring. No cables, no buttons, no confusion. Just the content you want, wherever you want it. And if you want it on the go? Xperia Tablet Z keeps everything coming at top speed via LTE/4G.*
    *Not valid for Wi-Fi only models

    The no-compromise HD tablet from Sony

    Get ready for viewing gone truly vivid. A design so slim and light, you’d never guess it was built for unparalleled power and performance. Xperia Tablet Z is the Android tablet from Sony that throws out the need for compromise. Watch the most colourful scenes, tune into the highest quality sound, take the most stunning pictures and connect your home in ways you’ve always wanted.


    Unlimited entertainment at your fingertips

    All the games, films, music and books you could want. Xperia Tablet Z is bursting with entertainment possibilities, ready for download or streaming. Sony Entertainment Network comes pre-loaded, putting thousands of music tracks and films at your fingertips. Or tap into Google Play for over 600,000 Android apps. However you like to spend your time, Xperia Tablet Z is built to entertain. Made your pick? Then sit back and get ready for the most immersive entertainment experience. Xperia Tablet Z doesn’t just bring you top entertainment – it delivers it via a brilliant display, the sharpest graphics and the best tablet sound.


    Closer to the action

    Films on a tablet have never been more immersive. Xperia™ Tablet Z gives a wide-screen cinema experience on the most vivid display imaginable.
    What makes entertainment on Xperia™ Tablet Z so vivid?

    Play at the next level

    Experience visually stunning graphics in even the most advanced games. Xperia™ Tablet Z is Playstation Certified and comes with a graphic processor 2 times faster than the previous snapdragon GPU.
    How does Xperia™ Tablet Z deliver outstanding graphics?

    Uncompromised sound

    Listen to music as it was meant to be played. Sony’s audio expertise brings 3D surround sound technology, 4 speakers and Clear Audio+. For richer sound that’s closer to the real thing.


    Xperia™ Care. We’ve got the answers.

    Whether you need to download new software or want to find out about the latest new features, we’re here to support you. Make the most of your smartphone and receive help and support when you need it, right at your fingertips.
    Find the answers here


    Xperia™ Z – the ideal match

    Meet our dream team. Xperia™ Tablet Z and Xperia™ Z share the same slim and sleek design and Sony UI. They’re both kitted out with the best Sony screen technology and full HD displays. And with NFC connectivity, what you love on Xperia
    , you can share to Xperia™ Z in a single touch.Discover precision engineered Xperia™ Z

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