Storage Directly To SD Card; ZTE V72A aka "Junk"

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    I've got a ZTE V72A and it recognizes the 16G SD, however refuses to utilize it. I've deleted every single app that can be regularly removed and it still tells me I have no internal memory; correction: enough to download ONE application, depending on what it is, of course. I mention that to state that there is (in theory) enough space to locally download an application prior to it's migration to the SD card..

    Now, I have tried setting my tablet's storage's Home Directory to the SD card. Typically on most androids, you can go into "My Files", click on the 4-lines toward the top right, and etc, etc, eventually readjusting the Home Directory - I get that. I understand that... However because this f*****g thing is useless, it doesn't haaavveee "My Files", it has "File Manager", which doesn't allow me the option. Anyone have any solutions or further diagnostic experience?

    Any help would be much obliged because I don't think this machine can take another toss across the room. In advance, thanks!

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