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    Most of these apps will work for just about anyone. Yes these are wonderful tools, but most are not free

    1. T-Swipe Pro. Fairly easily edited, better than Swype on an Android phone. This is the ultimate text input tool. I think it cost me about $6.95. Works presently with everything except Kingsoft Office.

    2. Ez PDF Reader. For musicians, this is a real bonus allowing you to display, edit, and thumb through your music as PDF files. The cost was less than a dollar.

    3. Mobile Sheets. This is also for musicians, and also uses pdf files. Also allows creation of whole sets, etc.. This cost me $5.95.

    4. File manager this is really good, it works with both rooted and unrooted tablets. Ipad has nothing like this. Read the instructions carefully. This is really a super utility.

    5. Office Suite Pro 6. This is a very good and complete office suite. I think I paid$14.95 for this

    6. Dropbox is a free data storage place on the cloud. Pretty good if you ask me.

    7. Last but certainly not least, is eSword. There are three versions of this. The free version-this is a pretty good Bible Study tool. The premium version which has much more, and is arguably one of the best Bible Study Tools. This is available for a donation of $10. I've saved the best for last. The Deluxe Tablet Version of eSword is second to none. This is the best, and allows all kinds of options. I highly recommend this. It is not cheap. You need to give a total donation of $50 Dollars for this. It's well worth it. This also requires Android 3.1+ to operate it.

    I'll write more later, but some of these are the best of the best. I just love them. These manage my whole life and together with a wireless printer allowing me to do most anything.

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