Sylvania 7" Mini Tablet Question

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    Sylvania 7" Mini Tablet
    I have one of those Sylvania 7" Mini Tablet.

    I tried to do a factory reset and all I get on the screen now is the Sylvania logo.

    My question is there a way for me to connect this system to my computer to at lease copy another OS onto it so I maybe able to get some use out of the system; I have attempt to contact Sylvania a number of times by phone and by email with no luck in response.

    Here is the Spec's on the system:
    CPU: infoTMIC
    USB Ports: x2 Mini USB
    Processor: ARM 11
    Operating System: Android 2.2
    Internal Storage: 2GB Flash
    Internal Memory: 256 MBs
    HDMI Output: Mini output
    External Memory: 2 GBs SD
    Display: 7" LCD
    Connectivity: 802.11 b/g
    Battery: 1400 mAh

    Please provide me with all possible ideas one maybe able to think of.

    From my end I have tried everything I could think of be new to Android.

    I can connect with either MAC or Windows.

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