Tablet 4SIGHT 4SPN75QP Firmware?

Discussion in 'Infotmic Based' started by hugott, Oct 21, 2014.

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    Hi all, I got a tablet 4sight,
    Model 4SPN75QP cpu: dualcore infotmic, arm cortex A5 1Ghz,
    android 4.1.1,
    imapx800 hardware,
    1gb ram hynnix H5TQ2683CFR,
    screen 480 × 764 pixel R, r DP screen 640 × 1018, 120dpi screen density
    29F64G08BCBAGA flash memory M logo and brings a type of m with a ring like Saturn,
    REALTEK not make it's way too alcanso guy I did not see the camera or other cellular targets well
    topsun_c0020_A1 i think is the touch, three axis accelerometer sensors mc32x0 dmt 0.5mA. vfb02f123207 camera v2.0
    jml70011-02-screen v1b I think it is;

    there are 3 things I want to know this tablet ::
    1. what is the firmware or 99.99 which is supported and where I search / find
    2 instructions for installation this firmware method / tutorial
    3. A custom recovery or access the recovery if it brings ...

    this tablet does not come with the store and play if I did lower the blind rootearla easy installation at the systema apps via root explorer and it stuck on a screen booloop dela 4sight fails try using the program that makes hard reset Android Multi Tools option 5, without success hopefully someone can advise me and remember is this small space can be a great help for someone else that has this device.
    In advance thank you very much hope I can give a little of your precious time and this little space to share doubts and also receive help.

    if I put the wrong post moderator please move it to where it should be if it is not much hassle

    PD: I use the google translator i hope you can understand me guys!!! chers for every body and greatings from Mexico

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