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    Hi I want to get a tablet for backpacking - it has to be reasonably cheap so if it gets lost then its no big deal
    No GPS required
    I would want it for music and video (quality not that important)
    Also net browsing and email
    I would also like it to have an SD/mini SD port wuth the ability to read pdfs and ebooks that are stored on the card (ie I don't want to have
    to hook up to a computer to transfer ebooks/pdfs)
    battery life to be as good as possible

    Any suggestions are appreciated
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    Nov 8, 2011
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    Leagoo Lead 1 ZTE OPEN C, Coby 7065, Coby 8042, Coby 9740
    I use coby tablets for this, also you can check out the d2 tablets from big lots.

    Another suggestion is to buy broken tablets cheap on ebay and fix them yourself, I haven't received them yet but so far I bought a coby 9742 for $35 and a coby 1042 for $34, just make sure screen and digitizer aren't broken those items cost more than the tablet is worth.
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