TabletConnect's Official Review: ViewSonic ViewBook 730

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    Overall, the ViewBook performed OK and is meant to compete in the low-end tablet market with a price of $230. The ViewBook has some good features: 1) great screen compared to other resistive screens; 2) front facing camera; 3) mini-HDMI port; 4) Bluetooth; 5) played video formats including HD without any problems; and 6) handwriting recognition works fine. However, there are some negatives: 1) poor body construction; 2) poor screen (resolution & not capacitive); 3) slightly weaker processor; 4) no 1+1 nor multi-touch screen; and 5) significant difference in battery life between having the WiFi on and having it off. Unless you need a front facing camera and a HDMI port, we would rather buy a Nook Color and install CM7 (see our review of the Nook Color running Phiremod 6.3). If ViewBook 730's price was under $200, we would be more incline to recommend it if you are looking for a low-end tablet.

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