Teclast A10T Android 4.0 ICS ROM Firmware Download and update Guide

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    This is Rom for Teclast A10T, the 9.7inch IPS Screen Tablet PC.

    Here is the download link for the ROM


    Screen shots (ICS)



    Note: Screen shots taken after installing Google apps and modification of build.prop LCDdensity field from 120 to 160.

    UPGRADE Procedure

    When you upgrade you have to follow the button sequence.
    and other important thing is that upgrade will wipe all of your data on the tablet. Only data on removable SDCARD will be safe. All the tablet partitions will be formatted. and here are the steps

    1. Shutdown your tablet
    2. while holding down the volume -(Back Key) button attach usb cable to tablet.
    3. volume - (Back Key) still pressed push power button quickly 4 - 5 times
    4. Computer will dectect new hardware. install the USB driver provided with the firmware.
    5. Open the live suit , select the Upgrade Rom file
    6. remove the usb cable. while holding down the volume - (Back Key) button attach usb cable to tablet again.
    7. volume - (Back Key) still pressed push power button quickly 4 - 5 times
    8. update will start, dont remove any cable until upgrade is successfully completed.

    LiveSuit A10t(5DM3)-GB-2.3.4-V1.06-3B4C.rar - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download

    after completion tablet will restart. first boot is slow so wait for some time to settle it.

    2012.03.17 USB Drivers x86,X64

    ICON and Font

    In all original ICS builds for A10t icon and font size to too small because LCD density is set to 120. Which is too small , So if you want to increase the font and ICONsize modify the LCD.density in build.prop from 120 to 160.
    Note. I also tried 140 but is was unstable. Main launcher crashes.

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