TexTab SMS: Send SMS through your Android Phone via your Android Tablet

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    So you have an Android phone and you also have an Android tablet. It just has to be a pain when you’re steadily working away on the tablet and you hear that text message *chirp* *chirp* which you try to ignore, but you just can’t. So you put down the tablet and pick up the phone, just to see an SMS that could have waited.

    Well, to take away the annoyance of having to juggle the 2 devices over a text message, XDA member howettl has created an app that you can install on your tablet and Android phone. The application connects over bluetooth to your android phone. See below the application features:

    • Honeycomb optimized, though not required
    • Push menu button to connect devices via bluetooth, with option to select a device to automatically connect to in settings
    • Conversation threads use your Google contact information to display contact info
    • Widget with button to enable/disable service, and displays connection information

    Installation Instructions and Download link can be found here.

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