The Cheapest RK3066 7” Tablet PC ---Available Now!! $89.99 !!!!

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    Recently, 7” RK3066 tablet pc has been released which is amazing. And it has great advantages in price, size and rockship. Now, it’s time to witness the miracle!!!!
    Best Price
    7” RK3066 tablet pc is only $89.99 that is the cheapest. Why? Do not waste a penny on advertising and provide consumers with cheap and good Tablet PC. This tablet saves a great deal of money in the advertising. Maybe, some people could think that can this cheap tablet be of low quality? Please don’t worry and get rid of the idea that no products are with best price and high-quality at the same time. 7” RK3066 tablet pc is such a product that is with best price and high-quality simultaneously. It is equipped with Android 4.1 operation system, Rockchip 7” RK3066dual core Contex-A9 CPU and Mali400 GPU which are all high-end hardware configurations and make sure procedures run fast and great graphics processing skills.


    Portable size
    RK3066 tablet pc is with 7-inch screen, that is extremely portable. Wether you are in the bus or on the station, you can play games, watch films and take photos at ease to pass your boring time. At night, you can also Lie in bed watching movies and playing games. 7-inch screen is just right that makes it ideal for one-handed grip, and it’s small and also easy to operate. If you want to use it for working, certainly, it’s the best choice. For the children, 7-inch is a good size; for the old, it is also.
    In a word, wether you buy it for entertainment,for work or for the children, the old, 7” RK3066 tablet pc is the best choice.
    Great Rockship--RK3066
    It is equipped with RK3066, you know, the new dual-core chip RK3066 possess rich features. Compared to the previous generation RK2918, dual-core RK3066 has greatly improved wether in the CPU processing speed or GPU graphics processing performance.
    In summary, this 7” RK3066tablet pc is your best choice.

    This tablet is available at: The Cheapest Dual Core 7" Capacitive Tablet PC Android 4.1 RK3066 1.6GHz 4GB HDMI Wifi

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