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    Hey y'all!

    I'm a game developer working at a small independent game company in Sweden named SkyGoblin. We are currently working on our point-n-click adventure game "The Journey Down". Chapter one "Over the Edge" is geared for a Q1 2012 release.

    Chapter one already exists as a free-to-play, low-res, no speech, retro-styled type point-n-click adventure, and can be downloaded from the Adventure Game Studio database here. The original "prototype" version of the game wound up winning a bunch of neat awards, one of them being the AGS game of the year award, so haul your butt over there and give the prototype a spin while you wait for the extended HD release!

    The HD version sales pitch:

    The Journey Down is a classic point 'n click saga with a black African twist, owing much of its character and pattern design to traditional central African arts such as carvings and masks from the Makonde and Chokwe tribes. Mixed with an all original jazzy reggae soundtrack, feedback-oriented puzzles and tons of hand painted environments, the unique cultural fusion of The Journey Down is bound to draw you in.

    In the first part of four, Over the Edge, our hero Bwana and his trusted sidekick Kito struggle to make ends meet at their run-down gas station. One day their lives turn upside down as they're thrown into a twisting plot of corruption, laughs and brainteasing adventure.

    Follow the development of The Journey Down on the dev-blog, and check out more screenshots over at the official webpage.





    Keep your eyes peeled on the devblog, stuff is moving along nicely!

    Plase drop me a ine if you've got any feedback on the free version, or the screen shots of the new version for that matter. Thanks!


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