The tablets of spring 2013 are thin, light, small (mostly), and evolutionary

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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    Price: TBD

    Availability: Spring

    The outlook: Samsung's iPad Mini-size Galaxy Note 8 is the company's latest attempt to get users to eschew fingers in favor of pens. Preceded by two smartphones and one 10-inch tablet before it, the latest Note is an elegant-looking 8-inch tablet that feels comfortable in the hands, and thanks to the included S Pen stylus, boasts a level of functionality unmatched by any other small tablet.

    3.5 stars
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    The good: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is comfortable to hold and has the best-looking small tablet screen yet. Writing with the S Pen feels natural and is preferred over typing on a tablet screen. Storage can be expanded via microSD, and the Watch On feature has potential as a universal remote/video content hub.

    The bad: The $399 price is a lot for a small tablet, no matter its features. It's not as thin or as light as the iPad Mini, and some people won't appreciate the highly saturated look of the OS. Also, its face buttons sometimes get in the way and there are occasional performance hangs.

    The bottom line: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a stunning tablet with a truly useful stylus, but it's not worth $400 unless you're an artist or prefer pen input.

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    March 31, 2013 9:30 PM PDT
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    Hey, Spider.

    My take away from your review of new tabs is that the new benchmark for entry-level 7" adult tabs this spring seems to be the Polaroid M7 at $129. Wow. Also, the screen resolution is supposed to be the same as the Nexus 7. Wow, again.

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