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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by Jimbo48, Aug 25, 2012.

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    Rats. Who'd thunk that a Lil country Judge in Korea knows more about combining Law & Justice than the recent travesty in OUR courts ref the Apple/Samsung affair. Like ny neighbor said..."Thats why the statue w/the scales is 'Blindfolded', so She don't know whos violating her now".

    I been wanting a Ipad like forever but can't justify the big bucks. Was happy and started a small Christmas Club account to purchase one of the Minis. I wont go into the hippocracy of justice but I know several things from the early days in the bay area about the cunning of Mr. Jobs that due to his passing I feel is moot now.

    So, as my own little protest I took sledge hammer to the old Imac (1st Gen)...actually felt good, hmmm No actually Great. No Rotten Apples for me...I'm using my money and getting a Samsung. It may go unnoticed...but I'll feel better.

    Sorry to Vent but I hate it when Deep pockets or un-Informed Juries stifle enterprise... Man, I still wish I had my old Timex Sinclair w/DOS.:rolleyes:

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    It seems there is still a bit to go in this case but I hear what you are saying. Did Samsung blatantly copy Apple? Maybe so on some of their products but this is exposing a larger issue about the culture of lawsuits in our technology companies and a broken legal and patent system. In the end I think that makes us all losers when the companies with deep pockets start spending their time and money on dragging their competition through the courts.
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    My UX-50 PDA did almost everything the Acer now does, except for what wasn't generally available.
    GPS - one program did use ASCOM which used coordinates, so GPS was possible
    Wifi - built in - or a wifi card available
    Social Sites - not around, but forums and Usenet were
    Movies - if you took them - not too many commercially available
    Games - Palm had some good ones like Bejeweled
    Office stuff - Docs to go
    Pictures - yes
    MP3 - yes

    You could hook up to a cell phone via bluetooth.

    Most devices had IR. Made good remote controllers.

    Screen resolution - only what was available

    HP Journada had rounded corners. UX-50 was a clamshell with full qwerty keyboard.

    Since smart phone evolved from PDAs and the Treo - I don't think Apple innovated much physical stuff. I had a fairly funky GUI on the Palm. Similar to some of the screen rotations now. (Itunes, retina display, other stuff like that IS Apple's - why are Google and Amazon allowed to sell music services similar to Itunes? MS had the Zune, I had a Sansa only because it used an external SD card - no software to deal with to load the card.)

    This lawsuit stuff is getting ridiculous. Next thing, someone with patent a sneeze!

    As for product mixup - maybe Apple's ads were a little too successful from one standpoint.

    Customer - "I'd like to buy one of these Ipads from Acer, Asus, Sony, Coby, etc." Once the term is into general usage, there's nothing Apple can do about it. Can't sue the general population.

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