Thinking of Getting a MID9042... Any Good? (Battery Life?)

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 3' started by Sakura90, Dec 17, 2012.

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    I live in a 4th world country... so there aren't many options for big tablets here, but I came across a decent price for a MID9042. I'll be using it mainly for reading manga/comics (hence the need for a 9-10" size). How's the battery life? I can't find any info on the battery even on Coby's site. Is it removable? How many mAh? And most importantly, could it last for 7-8 hours of going through image files? Or is it asking too much for a cheap tablet? :p

    I see it can be rooted (essential for me as I need to swap the default fonts for Japanese) and you can put Google Play on it. I'll go look how to that before getting it.

    Is the build quality decent enough? Does it feel too crappy? Can you manage to play 720p h264 at least? (it's not my main purpose, but it wouldn't hurt playing some MKVs). What version of ICS it has? Any chance of updates? (official or not)

    Well, thanks :)

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