Unofficial Changelog for Android 4.2.2 & Google Changes Estimated Battery for Nexus 7

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    We have some official and some unofficial tidbits to report regarding the new Android 4.2.2 update that started rolling out yesterday. First, even though the official changelog for Google's surprise push of Android 4.2.2 hasn't been revealed yet, some kind folks in the Android community have taken it upon themselves to share what they have gleaned in an unofficial compilation. Here's a breakdown of some of it,
    • More secured ADB
    • Bluetooth audio streaming bugs fix
    • Download notification now shows remaining time
    • You can toggle WiFi and Bluetooth on/off by long-pressing them in Quick Settings
    • Performance enhancements
    • New notification sounds (wireless charging and low battery)
    • Nexus 10 owners report it's running more stable and the random reboot issues are gone
    One other interesting "fix" that is part of Android 4.2.2 leads right into our official info from Google. Some users have reported better battery life with the new update. Also, some savvy folks over at AndroidPolice noticed that Google updated the product page for the Nexus 7. They changed the estimated battery life usage from "Up to 8 hours of active use," to "Up to 10 hours of active use." It's not hard to connect the dots on that one. It's amazing what a few software tweaks can do!

    Source: AndroidPolice

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