Upgrading HT PAD1051 to Andriod 2.3

Discussion in 'Freescale Based' started by Hardwired, Jan 8, 2012.

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    I am a newbie to the andriod scene and have recently bought a

    new HT PAD1051 loaded with ANdriod 2.2 and firmware created in

    February 11. Being curious I of course wanted to upgrade it. The

    journey to do so wasn't strainght forward as each machine and

    user have their own path. My journey involved lots of deadends

    despite reading hundreds of comments on this and other sites.

    I have compiled this brief guide so that if your in my situation

    you can avoid the problems I had. I wiould like to say that I

    found many of the comments on this and other forums extremely

    useful but by their nature many deal with specific aspects of

    the process rather than the whole. Whilst this is at your own

    risk this process worked for me.

    1. Firstly either backup your firmware using suitable software

    (this is the preferred option - I didn't do this and it wasted

    many hours) or download the original M10_05232011_Firmware from

    here (http://download.express-files.com/?

    ) and keep it

    safe. This step is just in case something goes wrong, you'll

    have a fallback.

    2. Download the android 2.3 firmware here



    3. Copy the update folder to your external micro sd card

    4. Then save an empty text file using notepad or similar to the

    same micro sd card and call it update.txt

    5. Turn off your HT Pad1051

    6. Put it into recovery mode by pressing your power and down

    volume buttons for 3-4 seconds

    7. Choose the update from sd card option and wait a few minutes

    whilst the update takes place. Some posters recommended

    restoring to factory settings at this point, I didn't need to.

    8. Choose re-boot. Everything should work except the wifi,

    however there is a simple fix. Simply rename the

    /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf to

    /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.bak (rather than delete it)

    reboot and all is well (Thanks tjrq).

    9. The only other minor issue I have had is that when the Pad is

    brought out of deep sleep it forgets the time and you need to

    update the time before you can use the net or market place. A

    small inconvenience for the major improvements brought by 2.3

    especially on the graphics front - I'm sure that a solution to

    this exists or will do shortly but I'm too busy enjoying the

    andriod experience to worry.

    10. Enjoy!
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    ht-pad 1501
    Hi Hardwired, I can't seem to be to find the file you mentioned on paragraph (8). Can you help me? Thanks in advance.
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    May 2, 2012
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    the original file i cant download any help ???


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