USB/Bluetooth or whatever EXTERNAL NON-coby cams like for a CAR/AUTO

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2' started by vdubjim, Jan 29, 2012.

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    My only problem with all these ANDROID CAR-puter things........where is the cap for the backup camera?

    I saw something for the ARCHOS 5, some cradle or dock, but no reviews saying you could use it for a live view cam.

    I have a coy MID7022 and love it, but man a usb cam app would be bad ass. or a how to on how to gut the coby and extend the wires to use for a backup cam would be great.

    PLEASE help the search out, google shows TONS. Dont say it cant be done or just turn your head around.....doesnt really work for hooking trailers up or backing up to a loading dock.

    IF coby cant do it anything that can? WHY pay 600.00 for a pioneer, kenwood, sony that everyone *****es is out of date?????????

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