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    Welcome to the JoyTab Forum! JoyTab tablets by Gemini Devices (UK based company) are affordable Ice Cream Sandwich tablets that focuses on new technology and value for your money.

    Gemini Devices focuses on 7", 8" and 10" mobile internet devices. Gemini works in partnership with retailers and resellers to deliver best service to the consumer. They are a new brand, and have aspirations to lead the European market for value customer satisfaction.

    Device specs:

    The JoyTAB 7-Inch:

    • 1Ghz ARM Cortex A8
    • 512MB of RAM
    • Mali-400 GPU
    • 4 or 8GB of storage with a microSD card slot
    • Screen resolution 800×480
    • Ice Cream Sandwich
    • microUSB and support HDMI v1.4 via microHDMI output.

    The JoyTAB 8-inch:
    *Same as above except for - 1.2Ghz CPU and a screen resolution of 800×600.

    The JoyTAB 9.7-inch:

    • Rockchip RK2918 clocked at 1Ghz
    • 1GB
    • 16GB of storage and a microSD card slot
    • Screen resolution 1024×768 with an IPS display
    • *The rest of the features are the same as the 7-inch version

    Here are the pricing details:the JoyTAB 7 will start at £129.99 (~$208), the 8-inch model will be £149.99 (~$240), and the 9.7-inch version will be £199.99 (~$320), and they are available on Amazon.co.uk right now.

    This is a pretty amazing value, so be sure to click the source link below to grab one!

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