Who offers something like a Lenovo A1?

Discussion in 'Lenovo IdeaPad A1' started by tonyp, Nov 10, 2011.

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    But with 1GB of RAM and a dual core, for not much more money? (think - front and rear cams, well made, high bang for the buck... offline GPS a bonus but not a deal breaker)
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    If your looking for size and a tablet well done. there is the 7 inch Toshiba Thrive. And soon the Toshiba Excite.
    I have the TT 10.1 and it is a great tablet the 7 inch is supposed to be the same but with micro USB and micro HDMI ports.
    Front and back cameras, let me see if I can find it..................Amazon.com: Toshiba Thrive, Full Color 7-inch (1280 x 800) HD Multi-touch Display, 16GB (1GHz Dual-Core, Wi-Fi) Android Tablet: Electronics
    This TT like the Lenovo is 16 gig with much higher hardware specs and cost a little more. If you want a top of the line 7 inch you can't get much better than the TT but the Lenovo is not a bad starter ether.
    As for the off line navigation you will probably have to get the NavDroid app from the play store. I'm still looking for the day that Google has a full GPS app that can be downloaded to your device and run with no data connection. I like the Google Navigator better than any other GPS system I have seen to date.
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