Window Vido N101 Quad Core Tablet PC Announced

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    Running after N90 FHD quad core, Vido launched its second quad core tablet PC, N101 quad core. It is Vido’s first 10.1 inch quad core product. It was reported that N101 quad core uses 10.1 inch 1280*800 display screen, architecture of quad core CPU, eight-core GPU and 2GB RAM. Unlike N90 FHD quad core, N101 quad core uses 16:10 screen mainly for video lovers and game lovers, and the appearance is designed by using the integral forming white panel and magnesium alloy.
    Cortex-A7 architecture quad core CPU
    N101 quad core uses ARM’s latest Cortex-A7 architecture quad core CPU with 1MB level two cache, which improved the efficiency of data processing so that the overall running speed been improved. It also has equipped with SGX544 MP2 GPU, 8 rendering engines improved the graphics processing, theoretical pixel fill rate is 3000M/S, theoretical triangle rendering of 100M/S, that will bring us a better gaming experience.
    10.1 inch 16:10 screen
    People watch movies and play games by tablet PC more and more. 16:10 wide screen and 10.1 inch display size that N101 used, can adapt to full screen of most HD movies and games which making the entertainment purer and the visual effect more shocking.
    12 seconds fast boot
    Introduced by Vido, to improve the startup speed, N101 quad core optimized the hardware boot electricity and system boot files reading and writing priority. It shorten the boot time, only takes 12 seconds from starting the power to system loading finished, faster than the products before.
    4K video decoding
    The video decoding capability of N101 quad core has been improved, it can decode 4096*2304 resolution of 4K video files and it supports 4 videos playing on the screen simultaneously and also can play 3D video file, with he help of 3D glasses, you can watch 3D videos on it.
    Whole body design of magnesium alloy
    N101 quad core has 10.8mm thickness, its front panel combined with whole magnesium alloy, making N101 quad core looks more delicate. The edge design applied with ergonomic design provides a better hand hold feeling, front and rear dual cameras, which makes the visual more symmetric and more comfortable when hands on it.
    With the release of N101 quad core, and N90 FHD quad core tablet PC. Vido’s quad core product line has been launched. Introduced by Vido, they have defined the market positioning for these two products. N90 FHD quad core using 9.7 inch retina screen are mainly for users who like reading and surfing the internet while wide screen 10.1 inch N101 quad core does well in Audio and Video playback and games.
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